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Official Rewatch Discussion Thread: Season 4, Episode 6: Background Check

2020.08.29 16:00 wm_1176 Official Rewatch Discussion Thread: Season 4, Episode 6: Background Check

Episode Description: Jess admits she might be in possession of certain illegal substances, which complicates Winston's plans as the loft must pass a home visit and a background check as a part of his police academy training. Schmidt kisses Cece.
Date Aired: November 4, 2014
Directed by: Lorene Scafaria
Written by: Rebecca Addelman
Run Time: 21 Minutes & 29 Seconds
* * * * * *
Episode Trivia:
- This was the first episode to use the new intro theme
- Nick comments that he can't lie, which is why he "can't play poker or talk to pregnant women." In real life, Jake Johnson used to be an avid gambler.
- During Schmidt and Cece's conversation about her dating Mark-Paul Gosselaar, at one point (from a camera angle behind her head) she leans in to place her ear on the door and listen. When the camera cuts to show her from the front, she's nowhere near the door. Then when it cuts back, she's leaning on the door again. This goes back and forth multiple times, with her position changing every time the angle changes.
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2020.04.06 18:31 Pawsfurthrowawaymeow Mega Movie List

Hi friends,
Since we are quarantined I wanted to share a list of movies with ED related content. Many of these I'm sure you've seen, but hopefully there will be one or two gems that have gone under your radar :)
Many of these are TV movies from the 80s and 90s, which means they're chalk full of triggering content so please proceed with caution. For me some of these films are cathartic and nostalgic, which is why I wanted to share.
These are presented in no particular order. I've included the year and where to find it if available. I tried to include some of my thoughts and facts about each film.
I would love to hear your thoughts on these! Or if you have ones I haven't included please share in the comments!
Big love to you all. Although it often feels like we are alone, we have each other. That's why movies like this exist, not to trigger or condemn, but to be the voice that says, "I know how you feel. I feel it too." Please take care of yourselves.
• Sharing the Secret (2000, YouTube) This is one of the better Lifetime movies on this list (Afterall, Lifetime does love its schadenfreude) Starring Allison Lohman it tells the story of a bulimic teenager trying to hide her ED from her therapist mother. I appreciate the realistic portrayal of the disorder and the girl's (mostly) positive relationship with her mom. Unfortunately, it gives a lot of tips so if that's triggering to you then avoid.
• When Friendship Kills/A Secret Between Friends (1996, YouTube) Cliche bingo is the name of the game with this little movie. Pretty poorly written, but schlocky fun. This TV movie features Lynda Carter (OG Wonder Woman) as a single mother who's teen daughter gets swept away in her best friend's ED. Some positives are a gorgeous Marly Shelton playing the titular friend and a very young Ryan Reynolds makes a brief appearance.
• For the Love of Nancy (1994, YouTube) Lifetime seemed to really love this subject matter back in the 90s! This one stands out in that it's based on a true story. Tracey Gold (from the 80s sitcom Growing Pains) stars as anorexic Nancy, whose parents end up taking her to court in an effort to save her life. For the most part this film is boring. However, big kuddos to Tracey Gold for her performance - much like Lily Collins in "To the Bone" Tracey had long struggled with anorexia and was in recovery while filming. Mark-Paul Gosselaar (aka Zack Morris) also gives a nice, understated performance as Nancy's brother.
• Kate's Secret (1986, YouTube) One of the older films on this list. This Lifetime original film set itself apart in that the lead is an adult woman in her 40s struggling with bulimia. Meridith Baxter (Family Ties) is Kate, trying to maintain the perfect suburban life. This film is well balanced, the first half showing her routines and secrecy and the latter half her road to recovery. It's definitely dated, but a solid little movie.
• The Karen Carpenter Story (1989, YouTube) I adore this TV movie for the music. It's a comfortable, even paced bio pic about The Carpenters and Karen's struggle with anorexia. Richard Carpenter (Karen's brother and musical partner) helped produce and write the film, so it veers away from sensationalism. A nice film for a quiet afternoon.
• Starving Suburbia (2014, YouTube) This is a more recent Lifetime movie, but unfortunately a pale imitation of many of the other films listed here. It attempts to bring the familiar story (white, upper-middle class teen girl with anorexia) into the 21st century by having the main character "discover" her ED through websites, but in the end it comes off more gimmicky than genuine. The acting is grossly over-the-top and near the end veers almost into horror movie territory, as if the teen were possessed by her ED (but it's not well executed). One positive is that it depicts a teen boy with ED, which did give it an original twist and bring awareness to this oft overlooked group.
• Perfect Body (1997, YouTube) Pink Ranger to the rescue! Amy Jo Johnson (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) stars as a gymnast in this very 90s Lifetime film. Nothing original in this one, but Johnson gives a solid performance and the gymnast sequences are fun.
• Dying to Dance (2001, YouTube) This film is basically "The Perfect Body" but with ballet instead of gymnastics. Another mothedaughter dynamic at the center of the story, a high pressure sport/external pressure to be perfect, throw in a cautionary friend death and you've got a complete ED movie bingo! Enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.
• Hunger Point (2003, YouTube, Lifetime Movie Club) Starring a pre Mad Men Christina Hendricks, this one is based on a novel of the same name. Slower paced than some of the other films listed, but it takes an original perspective by having the protagonist be the sister of the girl suffering with her ED. Also starring Barbara Hershey as their overbearing mother.
• The Best Little Girl in the World (1981, YouTube) This is a fairly notorious TV movie starring an incredibly young Jennifer Jason Leigh (fun/triggering fact: she dieted down to 87 lbs for the film). For a lot of us older folks they used to show this film in health class as a cautionary tale. It's worth checking out for it's place in film history as it is one of the very first films to address EDs, however the copy on YouTube is very poor, potato quality with out of synch audio. It's a fairly rare film though so it's the best we have.
• Lifestories: Families in Crisis - The Secret Life of Mary-Margaret: Portrait of a Bulimic (1991, YouTube) "Lifestories: Families in Crisis" was an afterschool special series on HBO. Short at 27 minutes long and filled with cheesy cliches and awkward narration. "The Secret Life of Mary-Margaret: Portrait of a Bulimic" (that's a mouthful) stars Calista Flockhart basically teaching a bulimia 101 course to the audience. Very triggering. Bonus episode: "A Body to Die For: The Aaron Henry Story" for a baby Ben Affleck playing a 'roided out high school jock obsessed with being the best. His overacting is magnificent.
• Thin (2006, YouTube, Amazon Prime) The documentary we all know and love. This is an in depth look into an in-patient recovery program and follows several female patients as they navigate the program. It's very realistic, grounded, and relatable. None of the narrative crutches used in previous entries are here as this film is a raw look at the real impact having an ED has on your health, mind, and relationships. If you're considering any film on this list then start with this one.
• To the Bone (2017, Netflix) Because this is one of the more modern entries on this list I believe it's fairly popular. This is a fair attempt to update the TV movie formula into this decade, however something about this film feels hollow (pardon the pun). I admire that they try to broaden the expected spectrum of perceived ED sufferers (meaning someone other than middle-class, white lady), but most of the characters are simply quippy and feel as if they were shoe-horned in for representation. This film is very slick and visually appealing, but there's a lot of artifice and not a lot of heart. Starring Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves as her quirky therapist.
• Feed (2017, rent on Amazon Prime, Piratable matey) Written and starring Troian Bellisario of Pretty Little Liars fame. This film takes a lot of risks by telling more of a psychological drama than the typical paint-by-numbers ED movie. The main character loses her twin brother (played by Draco himself, Tom Felton) near the end of high school and then falls into her ED almost accidentally. The filmmakers personify her ED through the ghost of her brother as he needs her to "feed" him to keep him close. Open to interpretation, but heavy. Not as enjoyable to watch as some of the other films, but worth a viewing of you want something different. • Binge (2016, YouTube) This failed TV pilot has been making the rounds on YouTube. Note there is also a short prequel. I admit I didn't rewatch it in preparation for this list. Although very funny and realistic, I found the main character to be so selfish and self destructive that it was borderline cringe. Perhaps it's just not my humor, but it may be yours! Fairly fast paced and light in that no one dies. It's worth checking out.
That's the list for now! I may update later. Many hugs to you all!
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2019.06.03 05:12 aaagmnr MandelaEffect subreddit on the Wayback Machine

I've wanted to look something up in old posts and realized I had never thought to use the Internet Archive WaybackMachine. This archives web pages in a somewhat haphazard manner. I will give a brief overview. This is their main page showing when this sub was archived, by year.*/ Click on a year to see a calendar of dates within that year.
It first archived a page when the sub was five days old. None of the original five moderators are still around. The number in the link is 2013 12 18 09:38:35, the year, month, day, and time the page was saved. To read a link you click on it, but it is probably not archived. You will go to another Wayback Machine page where the actual address will be in a box. With a computer you can copy the address and paste it in a browser page, and go to the actual Reddit page. Don't know how to do that on a phone.
The sub was only archived once in 2014: There were 520 members, and posts on the page were up to two months old.
After that long drought, the sub was archived five times in February. We see Froot Loops make an appearance (not sure if it is the first time), and the position of New Zealand and Australia. Here is one of the five: The page was also saved in June, seeming to focus on people that people remembered dying, who were still alive. People up to this point include Rick Moranis/ Gene Wilder, Abe Vigoda, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Smits, Billy Graham, Steve Wozniak.
Also that year were archives in August, with posts on "jumping realities" and whether Eli Whitney was black (been a while since I saw one of those). Darn it, it looks like I failed to save the December link, just saving a Reddit page listed then. There are also dates in green, but they seem to just point to the normal blue dates that are already linked.
But you get the idea. It is not a comprehensive research tool, but it has some interesting links. In 2016, on June 25 it links to MandelaEffect, Reddit sends back a message, "we're sorry, but you appear to be a bot and we've seen too many requests from you lately." Wayback logs it as the MandelaEffect page.
I may make another post this week about what I was researching. After not submitting a post in this sub in about three years here, I may have two in a week.
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2019.02.06 11:01 LonrSpankster ACS February 6th, 2019 Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Dr. Drew, and Jordan Harbinger

Adam opens the show fired up that Pete Davidson is now dating Kate Beckinsale. The guys then discuss a scene from a Paul Newman movie involving a seatbelt buckle sensor, and Adam talks about the hollowness of public figures apologizing. They also take a fan phone call about letting your 9-year-old watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, which leads to a conversation about people loving themselves too much, and everyone calling everyone else a racist. Up next, Jordan Harbinger calls in to discuss dealing with haters for this week’s ‘Harbinger of Success’. Before the break, the guys listen to another clip from ‘Adam Carolla is Unprepared’.
Mark-Paul Gosselaar is in studio next, and Adam talks with him about a shoulder surgery he is still in the process of recovering from. They also chat about his shooting his series, ‘The Passage’, in Atlanta, their shared passion for racing, and growing up in the same parts of Los Angeles. Gina then begins the news with an update on the nurse who allegedly impregnated a woman in a coma. They also talk about a proposed anti-smoking measure in Hawaii, and a planned reboot of Party of Five. As the show wraps up, Dr. Drew pops in studio to address Paul’s shoulder surgery, the typhus epidemic, and a growing outbreak of measles.
Watch new episodes of ‘The Passage’, Mondays at 9pm on Fox. You can also follow him on Twitter @MPG.
Also make sure you subscribe to ‘The Jordan Harbinger Show’ and ‘The Adam and Dr. Drew Show’.
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Brutal Ad.... American Nightmare Latino Victory Fund (D) TV Ad
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2019.01.23 21:07 elisuret ‘Saved by the Bell’ Romance! Mark-Paul Gosselaar Says He Dated Elizabeth Berkley

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2019.01.23 16:03 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - Mark-Paul Gosselaar says he dated this 'Saved by the Bell' co-star USA Today

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2019.01.23 15:28 -en- Mark-Paul Gosselaar says he dated this 'Saved by the Bell' co-star

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2019.01.23 15:24 AutoNewsAdmin [Entertainment] - Mark-Paul Gosselaar says he dated this 'Saved by the Bell' co-star

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2019.01.22 07:25 iminterestingplease Part 41.

It's slowed down a little bit. Here's my next part.
6529.(Famous Landmark name change.)Grand Central Station/Grand Central Terminal
6530.(Real Life Quote change.)"Read my lips, no more taxes."/"Read my lips, no new taxes."
6531.(New species.)Have you heard of the Brahmin moth?
6532.(New species.)Have you heard of the Stellar's sea eagle?'s_sea_eagle
6533.(New species.)Have you heard of the snake caterpillar?
6534.(Famous Landmark name change.)Madison Square Gardens/Madison Square Garden
6535.(Fictional Character name change.)Popeye The Sailor Man/Popeye The Sailor
6536.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember David Carradine dying earlier or later than June 3, 2009 or still being alive?
6537.(Fictional Item appearance change.)Do you remember The Dukes Of Hazzard car always being flame red instead of orange?(Anything else off?)(Boss Hog/Boss Hogg)
6538.(Famous Karate Instructor name change.)Tiger Schuman/Tiger Schulmann(Other spellings?)(Other spellings of CiCi's Pizza?)(Music videos and videos in general that disappear or pop up.)(Words that spell check doesn't recognize.)(Being able to feel music.)(Cars that you didn't have to back out of or in tight spaces manually.)(Oh ye have(hath)little Faith/Oh ye of little Faith)(Multiple things related to The NeverEnding Story that were made afterward.)(All the new alcohol types.)(Thomas Edison being depicted as deaf.)(Do you remember Masazo Nonaka dying earlier than January 20, 2019?)(Weird looking moths.)(Caterpillar with weird shaoed head.)(Ewok-like monkeys that play instruments.)(Have any lyrics to More Than A Feeling changed?)(In the first episode of The Dukes Of Hazzard, the car was painted black.)(Lots of rainbow and weird looking pigeons and starlings.)(Have any of the lyrics in Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House changed?)(Other spellings of Rothschild?)(Weird looking crickets with weird heads.)(The Periodic Table Of Elements keeps changing.)(Lots of weird new emojis including a monocle one.)(Robinson Road/Robison Road and other road name changes.)(Purple oranges?)(Simple Green purpose cleaner letters are now modernized, the Es are now open and the letters are touching.)(Ortho insect killer T and H are connected and the other letters in the words below are in an off font like the R.)(Garden Tech Seven/Garden Tech Sevin and letters are connected and G in Garden now has leaf in it.)(Haveaheart/Havahart cage trap and letters are connected and in words below it.)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(RoundUp weed and grass killer letters are overlapping.)(Penray windshield de-icer letters are cut and broken.)(Nextgrill/Nexgrill letters are cut, broken and touching.)(Embers lighter fluid letters are touching.)(Razor-Back shovel letters are connected, cut and broken.)(AllFit letters are connected and stretched out.)(Cub Cadet bagger letters are connected and broken.)(Toro letters are connected.)(HomeLight/HomeLite letters are connected and broken.)(Air Care letters are cut and broken.)(Dempsy/Dempsey letters are connected and weird.)(Rid-X logo has connected letters.)(BECU logo has connected and weird letters.)(Octapus/Octopus)(All the Tesla towers appearing everywhere.)(All Duraflame products have weird or off logos.)(Dura Heat logo has connected letters.)(Do you remember Asda buying Sainsbury's instead of Asda and Walmart being in financial trouble?)(Were the letters in Asda not touching?)(Sansbury's/Sainsbury's)(Anything else off?)(Brother ink cartridge logo has modernized font letters and messed up T.)(Chickenpox being more deadly.)(Lots of Thyroid related changes.)(Fisher & Pykel/Fisher & Paykel)(Lots of changes to the James Dean crash.)(Lily Tomlin playing in Grace And Frankie.)(Identity Theft/Identity Thief movie)(Lincoln College Of Technology ads have connected letters.)(B&M racing logo has connected letters and off letters and off &.)(Certain tax problem solver company commercials have modernized letters.)(More Shirley Temple history changes.)(More weird new clouds.)(The Unabomber was an MK Ultra victim.)(Banjo Kazooie/Banjo-Kazooie)(More anatomy changes.)(Xarelto logo changed.)(Lots of new video games with connected letters, broken letters and modernized fonts.)(Dogs over 6 and 7 feet tall.)(Rainbow seahorses and really weird looking ones now exist.)(Lots of lyric changes to Da Ya Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart.)(Jersy/Jersey)(New Jersy/New Jersey)(SpecteSpectre movie)(Clint Dempsy/Clint Dempsey)(SportCenteSportsCenter)(Did the Pringles man wear a hat?)(Frost earthquames now exist.)(Flying platforms from the 1950's.)(Large eyes that used to be used in classrooms.)(Robot master golf trainer in the 1920's.)(Water bicycles in the 1920's.)( Air-powered skull massaging helmet.)(Electrical wheel called Dynasphere.)(Firefighting suits designed for rescuing airmen trapped in planes in the 1940's.)(Mechanical hands that help shave a man's beard in the 1950's.)(Similar invention that shaved a man's beard and had human bones in it.)(Street sweeping machine in the 1950's.)(Black and white camouflage used by soldiers while climbed trees in WW1.)(Mind machine used for measuring brain activity.)(A shockproof perm machine powered by electricity.)(Weird hair dryers in the 1930's.)(Weird old mind reading machines.)(Goodyear brand illuminated tires.)(Home tanning lamp with eye protecting glasses in the 1920's.)(Machine used for mouth x-raying in the 1920's.)(Do you remember Thums Up soda not existing?)(Tons of new logo changes.)(GriffindoGryffindor)(Other spellings?)(People used to dream in black and white?)(The Simpsons in the 1980's?)(Colored photos from the Great Depression.)(Does Weren't seem off to you?)(Feeling Alright/Feelin' Alright)(Any lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(Delight/Deee-Lite musical group)(Any of their logos off?)(Cuddle Duds/Cuddl Duds)(Gladesville/Gladeville gym)(Lychee fruit?)(Nissan Ultima/Nissan Altima)(Does the logo look off?)(Sea World/SeaWorld)(Do any of the logos look off?)(Brand Power logo has connected.)(Royal applesauce logo has connected and off letters.)(Rock This Way logo has modernized letters.)(Ice crop circles?)(Door carved into mountain.)(Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico or not?)(Blue glowing shrimp and other things.)(Mata mata turtles now exist.)(Duck keeps dog warm during freezing cold.)(Red bearded vultures now exist.)(Lots of giant tree stumps all over the place and all the things that may or may not have been giant trees before.)(Albino honeybees now exist.)(Moonraker doesn't show Christ The Redeemer.)(Issa logo has modernized letters.)(Ronon now does the RoboCop gun thing.)(Stone Mountain now exists.)(Georgia Guidestones now exist.)(Guy who invented Ice Bucket Challenge now died from ALS instead of a fall.)(Demolition Derby/Destruction Derby video game)(Does the logo look off?)(2 new maps in COD Modern Warfare?)(The Bible doesn't state whether there were more or less than 3 wise men or gifts and it doesn't state whether they went to see him right after he was born or not.)(Anything else off?)(Molakai/Molokai)(Other spellings?)(More weird squirrels.)(Cucumber lemons now exist.)(ForresteForester)(Ferrero Rocher logo and pronunciation have changed.)(Question mark and exclamation point symbol merged together is now a thing.)(Lots of logo changes.)(Snake massages now exist.)(Forrest Gump mom quote keeps changing.)(Goofy is now a cow.)(Fish remembering shapes and other things.)(Mysterious islands popping up.)(Snowy owl and raven interacting with each other.)(Steel spring tire in Germany in 1917.)(Prostpone/Postpone)(Costa coffee logo has changed.)(Lots of old game logos have changed.)(Dying all hair a unicorn color.)(Dunkin' apostrophe is different color than rest of name.)(Black peppers now exist.)(This is library hear what you want to hear.)(Many doors carved into natural formations.)(Have you heard of Laurie McDonald in the Mandela Effect community?)(Do you rememer Jamie's Got A Gun?)(Was Malcolm never an acceptable spelling of Malcom?)(White people not being the first slave owners.)(Black people owning slaves.)(American black people not being African?)(Anything else off?)(Something Christopher Columbus wrote about Native Americans that is weird.)(Goat with demon face?)(Menstruation and small penis emojis.)(Klarna logo and commercial font is off.)(StubHub logo is off.)(Ridiculousness hashtag fonts are off.)(Pigs now eat humans.)(Cadnium/Cadmium)(Julius Irving/Julius Erving)("I got a headache this big and it's screaming for Excedrin."/"I got a headache this big and it's got Excedrin written all over it.")(Anything else?)(Press On Nails/Press. On Nails)(Ben Gay/Ben. Gay)(Miracle EaMiracle. Ear)(Tyco has connected letters.)(McDonald's M changed again.)(Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters: Answer The Call)(All DeVry logos have changed.)(Tiger logo has changed.)(Milton Bradley logo has changed.)(The Book logo has changed.)(Tupac marriage story keeps changing.)(Ghost apple phenomenon.)(John Astin is now alive.)(Ericofon?)(Saturday Night Fever logo has modernized letters.)(Forty Six & Too/Forty Six & Two)(Other names?)(Kay Jewelers(Kay?)logo letters keep changing.)(Jared(Jarod or Jarrod and were those the only acceptable spellings?)logo letters keep changing.)(Mimic octopuses now exist.)(Symbicort logos have connected letters and numbers.)(London's Calling/London Calling)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)(Unicorn poop scented candles?)(Half male and half female animals.)(Famous Peru movie quote has changed.)(Woody's body spray logo changed.)(Tina's burritos logo changed.)(Ed McMahon worked with American Family Publishers.)(Glittery dog scrotums?)(Man sues parents because he was born?)(Carhardt/Carhartt)(Other spellings?)(Rikki Tikki Tavi/Rikki-Tikki-Tavi)(Other names?)(Anything else off?)(Were video stores very rare when they were a thing?)(Daniel Ricardo/Daniel Ricciardo)(Other spellings?)(James DeFranco/James Franco)(Other spellings?)(Was Timothy Leary a serial killer?)("You could do so much better."/"She could do so much better.")(Was the latter never said?)(Other lyrics?)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Didn't Elvis Presley say "Thank you. Thank you very much." more often and with more emphasis in his voice?)(Have the lyrics in One by Metallica changed?)(Lots of new logo changes.)(Lots of movie name changes.)(Sandbox trees now exist.)(Black squirrels now exist.)(Linda Ronstadt is now alive.)(Six Of Nine/Seven Of Nine)(Anything else off?)(Andrew Jackson wasn't technically an official US President.)(SirusXM/SiriusXM)(Capital Records/Capitol Records)(Do you remember William Christopher dying earlier or later than December 31, 2016 or still being alive?)(Do you remember John Amos dying a while ago?)(Eye drops that dissolve cataracts.)(Bree Larson/Brie Larson)(Was Brie never an acceptable spelling of Bree?)(Today And Every Day/Today And Ev'ry Day)(Humans being frozen and brought back to life.)(MediFacts logo has off letters.)(Hotpoint logo has connected letters.)(Teal McDonald's M in Sedona.)(Butterfly with 89 pattern in its wings.)(LasikPlus logo has connected letters.)(Abbot/Abbott(Other spellings?)(Is the logo off?))(Investigation Discovery logos have cut letters.)(Big Lots commercial fonts have off letters.)(Trintellix has off letters.)(Iv'ry Soap/Ivory Soap)(The boy that didn't fall down a well in Lassie is actually named Jeff and now the company man also fell down the well as we know Lassie fell down a well in the show too.)(Is the bench scene with the child with the woman and Forrest Gump different as in is the child older or was it a girl or is the woman different or was there no blanket or baby at all?)(Channum Tatum/Channing Tatum)(Other spellings?)(Have you heard of Captain EO?)(Anything else off?)(Greater sage-grouse now exists.)(Demon stingers now exist.)(1948 future cars.)(Jewel caterpillars now exist.)(Was it Osh Kosh Bogosh or another remembered spelling that hasn't been mentioned?)(Did John McCain's mother pass away?)(Goat gives birth to humanoid pig.)(Did Free Energy not exist or is it off or different now?)(Centrifical force and other things are off.)(The logos for The Jazz Singer are very off.)(Diana Riggs/Diana Rigg)(Other spellings?)(Do you remember Jimmy Buffett dying?)(Chickens now have larger ears, they have ear lobes and they have belly buttons.)(Lots of movie and TV show logos have changed.)(Lawrence OliveLaurence Olivier)(Other spellings?)(Mable Lee is sometimes spelled Mabel Lee.)(Do you remember Chumlee dying a while ago?)(Do you remember The Munstars(The Munsters?)TV shows always black and white and not color?)(Do the Techron logos look off?)(Life Boy/Lifebuoy soap brand)(Other names?)(Do the logos look off?)(Star Fort/Steller Fort/Bastion Fort)(Other names?)(Do any of the MasterChef logos look off?)(Orange icicles are now a thing.)(Have you heard of Bacteria Flagellum?)(Tomarto/Tomato)(Lots of weird sycamore colors.)(Cinderella's hair is now a ginger color and the famous glass slipper has changed.)(Tweedledee and Tweedledum's(Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?)flags have changed to green.)(Lydia Deats/Lydia Deetz)(Other spellings?)(Do you remember WW1 and WW2 going through different years than they do now?)(Do you remember there not being a Titanic movie from the 1950's?)(Is Mona Lisa a man?)(The end of the first Predator movie has changed.)(Did the Black Panther scene in Forrest Gump not exist?)(Fender guitar logo looks different.)(RuPaul's Drag Race logo has changed.)(More airplane changes.)(More remembered spellings of Davey Crockett or Davy Crockett.)(Short Circuit logos have changed.)(Johnny 5 is alive.)(Ulysses S. Grant has a beauty mark on his face.)(Preparation H is a merged logo.)(S&H Green Stamps logo has changed.)(Anything else off?)(Space Mountain has modernized and merged letters.)(Rembradt TimbeRembrand Timber)(Anything else off?)(Eisenhower is smiling on the dime now.)(Buck Rogers logo is merged.)(Delta Force/The Delta Force)(Anything else off?)(Albino honeybees now exist.)(Gold glowing rocks.)(Julia Louis Dreyfuss/Julia Louis-Dreyfus)(Other spellings?)(Black tomatoes now exist.)(First soap opera to air in US called These Are My Children starts in the 1940's.)(Cheaters logo has changed.)(Has the video to Suedehead by Morrissey changed?)(Anything else off?)(Prodigy/The Prodigy)(Anything else off?)(Nova Laboratories from Short Circuit has merged logos.)(Love & Hip Hop logos all have merged letters and other stuff.)(Captain Marvel logo has merged letters.)(Love It Or List It logo has changed.)(Lion's mane mushroom now exists.)(80 million year-old dinosaur-era shark discovered.)(Cabal/Kabal)(Other spellings?)(James Stewart vs. Jimmy Stewart keeps changing.)(M with three humps instead of two?)(Kabalah/Kabbalah)(Other spellings?)(Was there never a 9/11 terrorism prevention team?)(Color film of Charlie Chaplin.)(Lots of electric powered stuff in the early 1900's.)(Amber Alert logos are off.)(Meganeura now exists.)(Return To Oz now existed.)(Larry Flint/Larry Flynt)(Harvey Wienstein/Harvey Weinstein)(Other spellings?)(False zokor now exists.)(Ridiculousness logo keeps changing.)(Gulf Of California now exists.)(Mexicali now exists.)(Dan Rather is now alive.)(Tila Tequila is now alive.)(Pink PantheThe Pink Panther)(Other spellings of Linda Ronstadt?)(Paulie Malinaggi/Paulie Malignaggi)(Other spellings?)(You can pills that make your poop glittery.)(Gary Alman/Gary Allman)(Is his death date off or was he still alive?)(Did the Jussie Smollett incident happen years ago?)(Other remembered spellings of Cadbury that haven't been mentioned?)(Adriana Juarez/Ariadna Juarez)(Perry Ferrell/Perry Farrell)(Other spellings?)(Stephanie KrameStepfanie Kramer)(Other spellings?)(Stefan TayloStepfan Taylor)(Other spellings?)(BetterHelp logo has modernized letters.)(Parks And Recreation quotes keep changing.)(An assassination attempt on George W. Bush in 2001.)(Ruth Westheimer is now alive.)(Cow that looks like its from outer space.)(Extend protein logo keeps changing.)(Jennifer Anniston/Jennifer Aniston)
6539.(Candy Logo change.)Do you remember the R in Nerds being lowercase?
6540.(Famous Speech name change.)I Had A Dream/I Have A Dream
6541.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Ginormica from Monsters Vs. Aliens wearing a more blue suit with green or orange or black or solid black or solid blue suit?(Anything else off?)
6542.(Toy name change.)Easy Bake/Easy-Bake(Do any of the logos look off?)
6543.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the T in Chia Pet not having the left side cut off?(Does the I look off?)
6544.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Ms in Qualcomm not being connected?(Qualcom/Qualcomm)
6545.(Movie Quote change.)"Stirred, not shaken."/"Shaken, not stirred.",_not_stirred
6546.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember tumors not being able to have hair, teeth and other organs?
6547.(T.V. Show name change.)Tosh 2.0/Tosh.0
6548.(Video Game name change.)Outrun/OutRun/Out Run(Does the logo look off?)
6549.(Medicine name change.)Ariprazole/Aripiprazole(Other spellings?)
6550.(Rock Band name change.)Prodigy/The Prodigy(Do any of their logos look off?)
6551.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember Phil Hartman killing his wife, then himself instead of his wife killing him?
6552.(Fictional Character name change.)Alfred E. Newman/Alfred E. Neuman(Other spellings?)
6553.(Spelling change.)Trustle/Trestle(Other spellings?)
6554.(T.V. Show name change.)Live With Larry King/Larry King Live(Anything else off?)
6555.(T.V. Show name change.)Live With Piers Morgan/Piers Morgan Live(Anything else off?)
6556.(Music Lyrics change.)"All you wanted was somebody who cared."/"All you wanted was somebody who cares."(Anything else off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6557.(Movie name change.)Monty Python And The Quest For The Holy Grail/Monty Python And The Holy Grail
6558.(Famous Actor name change.)Bill Mummy/Bill Mumy(Other spellings?)
6559.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Family Pantry being a company that was popular that sold edible products like caramels instead of only having one online picture?
6560.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember certain animals like cows never having three horns?
6561.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember birds not being able to fly upside down?(Anything else off?)
6562.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Lily Tomlin dying?
6563.(Fictional Character name change.)Igglypuff/Igglybuffémon)
6564.(Famous Rapper name change.)Tray Dee/Tray Deee/Big Tray Deee(Anything else off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)
6565.(Product name change.)Jif Muffin Mix/Jiffy Muffin Mix
6566.(Movie Quote change.)"Life is like a box of chocolates."/"Life is a box of chocolates."
6567.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Haidinger's Brush, Niagara Falls frozen or not, insects trapped in opal instead of amber, snails and slugs eat paper and mail, skinny pigs, whiffling birds, measles erases immune memory, You've Got Another Thing Coming/You've Got Another Think Coming, one hour long totality of eclipse and blood red moon and not an eclipse every month, finger rafting, film footage of Mark Twain, lots of animals coming back to life after dying, lots of weird caterpillars, foxes are much better pets, Richter Scale is no more, tabker in Mad Max 2, lots of animals that look like Pokémon, bees that don't migrate, abandoned collider in Texas supposedly three times bigger than LHC, Tesla device in Texas, more geography changes, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, lots of weird new guinea pigs, Venus appears to change color and flicker, Gerenuk changes again, primitive tooth braces, more Mount Rushmore changes, changes to George Washington's overall appearance and inconsistent depictions of him.)(Video below.)(Sesame Street type of bird.)(Viper fish now exist.)(Camila Harris/Kamala Harris)(Other spellings?)(Was Kamala never an acceptable spelling of Camila?)(Do you remember black gum drops existing and purple ones that taste like what the black ones did not existing?)
6568.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Cleopatra's place of rest being known?
6569.(Famous Composer name change.)Ludwig von Beethoven/Ludwig van Beethoven(Other spellings?)
6570.(Music Lyrics change.)"Slap the taste out ya face."/"Slap the taste out ya mouth."(Other lyrics?)(Are any of either of their logos off?)
6571.(Famous Actor name change.)Mark Paul GosslaMark-Paul Gosselaar(Other spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember Suzanne Summer, Summers, Sumers, or Sumer?(Anything else off?)
6572.(Famous Actor name change.)Adam Richmond/Adam Richman(Other spellings?)
6573.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Down Syndrome or Down's Syndrome?(Anything else off?)
6574.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember deer not being able to jump over cars?
6575.(Fictional Character name change.)Goober Fraggle/Boober Fraggle
6576.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Fraggle Rock not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6577.(Fictional Character name change.)Dozers/Doozers(Do you remember them all having the same colored hat?)
6578.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"Down in Fraggle Rock."/"Down at Fraggle Rock."
6579.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I saw her standing there."/"Since I saw her standing there."(Anything else off?)
6580.(Company name change.)Delta Airlines/Delta Air Lines
6581.(Store name change.)The Gap/Gap
6582.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jack & Jill never being Jack & Gill?
6583.(Song name change.)Forever Young/Young Forever
6584.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Paul Sorvino dying?
6585.(Music Lyrics change.)"The tears are in my eyes."/"The tears are in my mind."("A shadow of a man. A face through a window."/"Shadows of a man. A face through the window.")("Walked away when love was mine."/"I've walked away when love was mine.")(Anything else off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)
6586.(Camera name change.)Nikkon/Nikon
6587.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember deer only being able to give birth to 2 babies at a time?
6588.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ted from Four Rooms saying something different after asking to be shot now by the husband who thinks Ted is messing with his wife?
6589.(Rock Band name change.)Human League/The Human League(Do any of their logos look off?)
6590.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember ring piercings in fingers not being a thing?
6591.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bulletproof vests in the 1920's not being a thing?
6592.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the lead singer of Weezer wearing glasses in Buddy Holly?
6593.(Movie Quote change.)"This house is clear."/"This house is clean."
6594.(Music Lyrics change.)"Maybe kiss me."/"Baby kiss me."(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)
6595.(Product name change.)Freaky Freezies/Freezy Freakies(Other names?)
6596.(Snack name change.)TransformeTransform-A-Snack(Other names?)(Do any of the logos look off?)
6597.(Music Lyrics change.)"I ain't afraid of no ghosts."/"I ain't 'fraid of no ghost."(Anything else off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters (Searchin For The Spirit) )
6598.(Can't think of a title)Do you remember Rick James singing about New Age Magazines instead of New Wave Magazines?
6599.(Company name change.)LensCrafteLensCrafters
6600.(Song name change.)McGrupp And The Watchful Horsemasters/McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters(Other names?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6601.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Mexican mole lizard, frozen Baikal is clear, bear helps 3 year old boy and more weird new animal behavior, snakes have 2 hemipenes, more Mount Rushmore changes, rat eating plant, tulsa race riot, more Antarctica changes and other geography changes, margay, maribou shark, giant immortal lobsters, urohydrosis, bacteria in your brain, jacarundi/jaguarundi now exists and have changed before, Malayan Tapirs have changed again, anteaters have completely changed, screaming hairy armadillo, October 8, 1871, more weird flamingos, oriental short hair cat and other weird house cat breeds, Abercrombie & Finch/Abercrombie & Fitch and the logo has changed, Marabou changes again, Gharial changes again, pigeons producing milk changed again, more time inconsistencies, Chris Helmsworth/Chris Hemsworth, centipede bursts from snake's stomach, lakes that freeze crystal clear and can be walked on, more anatomy changes and weird discovered skulls, more Shiva changes, more eagle changes, more Buddha statue changes, more The Creation Of Adam changes, more Statue of Liberty changes.)(Video below.)
6602.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Birdman Of Alcatraz having lots of birds with him instead of none?
6603.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Liam Neeson being involved in this wanting to kill a black man scandal years ago and receiving more support?
6604.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember David Soul dying in 2016 or more recently or earlier instead of still being alive?
6605.(Music Lyrics change)"Pretty eyes."/"Pretty eyed."/"Pretty eye."(Anything else off?)
6606.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Judas being considered really ungodly?(Anything else off?)
6607.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Michael Fishman always playing D.J. in Roseanne and no one else?
6608.(Commercial Quote change.)Do you remember the guy saying "No!" more than once?
6609.(Product name change.)Kids Cuisine/Kid's Cuisine/Kid Cuisine(Do any of the logos look off?)
6610.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Second mode harmonic vibration, insect shoots larvae into eyes of humans, another human faced goat, more remembered spellings of Ghirardelli, sealand skull, Alabama rot, dorsal fin collapse in orcas, candiru and it might've been spelled differently, pyramids of Cochasqui, Porter Gable/Porter-Cable, first USA president was maybe black, more Back To The Future changes, more Great Pyramid changes and lots of other pyramid changes, magnetic North pole vs. geomagnetic pole, more on stone ball parks, light poles can shiver, botflies used to only be in Africa, Geiger counter, changes to the 2005 George W. Bush assassination attempt, 9/11 hurricane that missed NYC, rat-tailed maggot, Jerry Sandusky alive again, Umpa Lumpa/Oompa Loompa(Other spellings?).)(Video below.)
6611.(Music Lyrics change.)"Man we don't waste it."/"Man I ain't basic."(Did the latter not exist?)(Any of their logos off?)(One Republic/Onerepublic/OneRepublic)
6612.(Fruit name change.)Garbonzo Bean/Garbanzo Bean
6613.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Wild World Of Batwoman not existing?
6614.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Friday: The Animated Series not existing?(Does the Friday logo look off?)(Anything else off?)
6615.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of black cheese?(Does the Wow Amazing logo look off?)(Have you heard of black noodles?)(Have you heard of brown noodles?)
6616.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember cats not ever having human-like faces?
6617.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember canada geese not ever being found in the UK?
6618.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Albert Finney dying years ago instead of February 7, 2019?
6619.(Company name change.)Versachi/Versace(Other spellings?)(Is the pronunciation off?)
6620.(Music Lyrics change.)"Reach out and touch me."/"Reach out and touch Faith."(Other lyrics?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
6621.(Famous Physicist name change.)Erwin SchroedingeErwin SchrodingeErwin Schrödinger(Other spellings?)ödinger
6622.(Movie Quote change.)"Sorry I ruined your black panther party."/"Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your black panther party."
6623.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Crosshatch(Cross Hatch?)being normal?(Anything else off?)
6624.(Famous Chancellor name change.)Imothep/Imhotep(Other spellings?)
6625.(Phantom geography.)Do you remember the Republic Of Macedonia not existing?
6626.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Sonoluminescence not existing?
6627.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Burt Young dying a while ago?
6628.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember lion roars sounding a lot more loud and intimidating?(Was the MGM lion roar an actual lion roar?)(Were all famous lion roars from actual lions?)
6629.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember icicles being a lot more common?(Do apples, other fruits and vegetables grow at different times now?)
6630.(Air Force Base name change.)Vandenburg/Vandenberg
6631.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Gallagher dying a few years ago?
6632.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the highest mountain in Great Britain being Ben Nevis and the highest mountain in Australia being Kosciuszko?(Any other highest mountains off?)
6633.(Can't think of a title)Do you remember chromatic typewriters not being a thing?
6634.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Ted Levine dying a while ago?
6635.(Company Logo change.)Hancock/Hankook
6636.(Famous Actor name change.)Ron Pearlman/Ron Perlman
6637.(Alcohol name change.)Hypnotic/Hpnotiq
6638.(Spelling change.)Comradery/Camaraderie(Was the latter never acceptable?)(Anything else off?)
6639.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the yellow watermelon?
6640.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the FDA or another company being the first people to put expiration dates on milk bottles instead of Al Capone?
6641.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Steve Jobs stealing the computer mouse idea from Xerox instead of Xerox already selling it and only improving on the product?(Anything else off?)
6642.(Famous Actress name change.)Carol Burnette/Carol Burnete/Carol Burnnette/Carol Burnnete/Carol Burnet/Carol Burnnett/Carol Burnett(Didn't she die?)
6643.(Song name change.)Valerie/Vallerie/Valleri(Was Valleri never an acceptable spelling of Valerie or Vallerie?)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)
6644.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the zombie deer disease that can possibly spread to humans not being a thing?
6645.(Chip Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Cape Cod chips not being connected?(Anything else off?)(Were the letters in Kingston Technology normal?)
6646.(Company name change.)VictoVicta(Was Victa never an acceptable spelling of Victor?)
6647.(Company name change.)Dooney & Burke/Dooney & Bourke(Other names?)(Anything else off?)
6648.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More on tartary, mud floods, surviving freezing, Orion arm instead of spur, Spanish flu, Great Wall Of Gorgan, Gigas clams, world's biggest pearl, more on Sonoluminescence and star in a jar, more on mantis shrimp, slowing the speed of light, going faster than the speed of light, speed of light changed recently and is not constant, another state of water discovered, another state of matter discovereed, female gladiators, now there officially a second shooter on the grassy knoll, otter fishing, dolphins help fishermen for no apparent reason, Henry Wordsworth Longfellow/Henry Wadsworth Longfellow(Other spellings?), more geography changes, more stone walls.)(Video below.)
6649.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Slash not dying in 1992 for a few minutes?
6650.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Harlem Globetrotters not having female members?
6651.(Fictional Character name change.)Earnest P. Worrell/Ernest P. Worrell(Other spellings?)
6652.(Plant name change.)Sambuscus/Sambucus(Other spellings?)
6653.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember dolphin assisted human births not being a thing?
6654.(Famous Football Player name change.)Collin Kapernick/Colin Kaepernick(Other spellings?)
6655.(Music Lyrics change.)"Demons in my head."/"Digging in my head."/"Ticking in my head."(Anything else off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6656.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Zangief from Street Fighter not having shin hair?
6657.(History change.)Do you remember black people not ever running for president in the 1900's except in the 2000's and 2010's?
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2018.11.17 14:02 JazzyFusion Being attracted to opposite geeky/dorky unconventional men? [PART 5]

You can search my profile for the previous parts
Here is a picture of me again. I'm not a troll. We can go on video chat right now. I can do a livestream on my youtube. I can give you my fucking number and we can text/talk. Fuck it, if you live in the LA/Socal area, we can meet and you can prove me wrong. I'm not a troll. Okay?
So I continue to talk about me being a single gay black feminine ghetto type guy, the fact I'm attracted to nerdy, geeky, goofy, I guess in some instances "bear" (ugh I hate that word) guys, I'm an alien and I need my fucking head examined and shit.
With this particular topic, I'm going to talk about, What is and isn't conventional? Saying that preferring unconventional men actually means my standards are quite low. Because people say my standards are too damn high, and this post will prove that they aren't.
I'm going to single out this particular post (without name shaming the guy) because it's very bullshit.
Another thing... having an open mind helps. Yes, we all have our typical types, however, when we cancel out 90 percent of the gay population ( must be nerdy, hairy, Chubby, like this and like that, etc). I know you don't like apps, but if I see a profile with a list of requirements and I don't fit all criteria, I will block the person.
Incorrect, and that's bullshit. So he's saying majority of my preferences and standards are too closed minded and I'm asking for too much. Really? Okay for arguments sake let's say he's true with that. Let's do a little experiment.
I'm going to use examples of guys the same age. Using visual aid. I'm going to post shirtless pictures as well to further prove my point. (BTW all images are safe. There is no pornography in this post.)
Exhibit A (Remember the guys are the same age for fairness)
I think 90 percent of gay men go for a guy that looks like this.
That's Zac Efron by the way. Yeah that's the ideal conventional man. He's fine as fuck, muscles, guy next door look. He's Zac Efron. He's not even my type and the man is sexy as fuck etc.
If you were to do a poll, and ask how many gay men found guys like this attractive?
Not that I needed to point this out, but here's a shirtless picture of him.
(Now mind you, fuck the words "bear, daddy, chub". Stop it. We are grown ass gay men, and I like to view things in a grand scheme and in a general scheme of things. So if you use exceptions to the rule and ask a bunch of guys are who are bears at a bear convention or whatever, of course the results may vary, but not every gay man, myself included, wants to sexualize gay men. If you're gay, you're gay. All this "bear and twink, and muscle stud" shit is more towards porn and hookups. I'm looking for a husband now.)
(BTW that's The Amazing Atheist, and he's adorable in my eyes.)
To me, I'd say more than 90 percent of gay men would say; "he's ugly, he's too fat, he needs to go to the gym, he's too hairy, he looks like a grouchy neckbeard guy, I don't date scary white guys, he looks like Sasquatch reincarnated, he looks like a hillbilly, he looks like a redneck, he's a crazy mountain man" etc. Something along those lines. I agree. Guys like this in general have a tough time dating. But in the gay world, they can pretty much forget about it.
Do not use fucking exceptions and give me nsfw links of tumblr gay bear or hairy guy porn. Please fucking stop it. Final warning on the exceptions to the rule shit.
Exhibit B (Remember the guys are the same age for fairness)
You can argue that Tom Daley is a "twink", I disagree. He's very much an in shape conventional guy.
It was really hard to find a shirtless picture of him, but here it is.
Ice Poseidon is very unconventional. He is kinda wildebeast and boogerwolf looking. He has the whole Kramer from Seinfeld thing going on. In his shirtless picture he clearly is kinda slouchy and stumpy. So yeah. Gay men aren't itching at the bone for a guy like him. However he is my type and as much of an asshole he is, I'd go for him.
Exhibit C (Remember the guys are the same age for fairness)
Aaron Schock is very conventional looking. You can say he's verging on being a nerdy, politician type, but him being on the cover of Men's Health and Fitness, the guy has perfect abs and yes he's prime selection in the gay world. it shows as he was featured on the header of gaybroscirclejerk for quite a while.
Hard to find shirtless pictures of him. But this one is perfect.
Casey Neistat. I can't you the number of gay guys that say he's ugly as sin, and creepy looking. As much as he's my dream man, I agree he's not the most flattering or handsome looking guy. He's not. But you know what, that's my type. In his shirtless picture at the beach, he has a gut and he's very unconventional.
Exhibit D (Remember the guys are the same age for fairness)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar, or Zach from Saved By The Bell (for all the 90s kids like me who watched it). Isn't a daddy I wouldn't say. He has this thing called "Dad Bod", to where he's not the typical beer belly dad physique. In his shirtless picture you can still tell he's in shape for his age. But he's very conventional looking.
Not that I need to feature this, but a shirtless picture of him.
Alex Jones is very unconventional. Not only does he look a lot older than he is for some reason, but he's no prize, and nothing to write home about. I don't even think gay men would give Alex Jones a millisecond of time, let alone consider him a prospect as far as relationships. But to me he's sexy as hell, and would love to have a boyfriend like him.
So I think I made my point. Finally, if my type was guys that looked like this, and if I were going around parading that my boyfriend has to look like this.
Then maybe, just maybe slightly, that guy would have a point. But he doesn't. My type is more unconventional men, and that's what I want. This thread proved my standards are beyond low and more than reasonable.
The only thing to factor (and you can argue if that makes a difference or changes the topic. Perhaps.) being that I am a gay feminine ghetto Childish Gambino/Don Lemon mixed together type gay black guy, that maybe I'm settling and my taste is too opposite, which you can fuck off. What gets my dick hard, is what gets my dick hard. Sorry.
So what do you guys feel is conventional or unconventional or not?
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2016.09.23 02:54 NicholasCajun Pitch - Series Premiere Discussion

Premise: Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) is called up by the San Diego Padres to pitch in the major leagues and must prove herself among the players including team captain, catcher Mike Lawson (Mark-Paul Gosselaar).
Subreddit: Network: Premiere date: Airing: Metacritic:
N/A Fox September 22nd, 2016 9:00 PM ET 69/100
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2016.05.11 22:20 ImaBlue Watch Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar Have a 'Double Date' on Her Cooking Show

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2015.11.11 18:26 HerVoiceEchoing Someone yells: "RETWEET!" Her voice echoes throughout. Is this a life? Listening to their endless voice, the same stupid shit repeated over and over, a wish to murder hums agreeably. Perhaps it's not irrational. Drop by drop, annoyance by annoyance, something takes shape and is set in stone.

Mid-way through my first year of law school at Northwestern, I landed one of the coveted summer associate positions at St. Louis' most prestigious firm. I was the only 1L the firm hired.
Not quite sure how I threaded that needle. I hoped I had botched the interview. I was from a hoosier Missouri river town just outside the ring of St. Louis suburbs, and I was out of my element.
I didn't "talk the talk" or "walk the walk". I didn't have or wear the right clothes. I didn't wear a blue suit, white shirt, yellow tie, and wing tips, all from Brooks Brothers. I didn't stand when women left the table or when they returned. I didn't precede them down the stairs or follow them up. I had no idea what fork to use or that I was to keep my elbows off the table. I didn't send thank you cards. I had never owned stationary. I didn't care, either.
I wanted to sell out, cash in and not have to care. I wanted to not be me. I wanted to be destroyed.
I had offended my last interviewer, some litigation partner. Unknown to me, she had gone to Missouri for law school. I expected her to be unimpressed with my response to why I had chosen to go to law school: "I was getting a history degree, and I couldn't think of anything else to do. I didn't have a burning desire to be a lawyer. I wouldn't have gone if I had gotten stuck somewhere like Mizzou."
To my surprise, she laughed. I had stuck the landing.
When I got the offer, it was from her. The Cave was betting on who I would become, not who I was.
Summer program started the Tuesday after Memorial Day. I was one of 10 summer associates, plus one from the University of Chicago who would arrive later. I was also the only one not dressed "the Bryan Cave way." I didn't care, but others did.
At the end of that day, my mentor - a gentleman lawyer type - offered to take me for a drink at the Missouri Athletic Club. On the way, he hustled me into a Joseph A. Bank, and he bought me two suits, shirts, ties and a pair of cordovan wing tips with matching belt. I told him I'd pay him back as soon as we got our first paychecks. He insisted I wouldn't.
By the time John Frederick (AKA "Chicago" guy) arrived, the summer program was in full swing. I was in the library doing research when I first saw him. The recruiting coordinator - redolent; a praying mantis - was giving him a tour, and he raised his eyebrows at me with meaning as he passed by. What was that?
We all went for drinks after work to welcome him to our group. I was uncomfortable. Still out of my element, everyone else seemed from old St. Louis money. I was from St. Charles no money.
I had not known about subletting, so I was living with my parents for the summer and commuting 45 minutes each way. I was frugal. I wasn't comfortable with the conspicuous spending. I had never felt so exposed but here. I was one of four children that my alcoholic parents had raised in a two bedroom duplex in our town's shittiest neighborhood. My clothes had come from garage sales. Our food had often come from a government program. We often drank powdered milk and ate toast and gravy for dinner. John was none of those things.
He was a blue-blood; had gone to a snappy St. Louis high school. John went to Yale for college, using my school - Washington University - as his safety school. Now at the University of Chicago, one of the nation's top law schools, and the leader in the "law and economics" movement, he had already landed a clerkship on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, to begin the Fall after his graduation. After that, he would be one of the select few considered for a Supreme Court clerkship.
He was certain and confident. His voice was deep and cultured. He formed words perfectly. He settled easily into the conversation at the bar, slowly moving to the center and taking it over. He had a mordant, observational sense of humor. He touched people as he spoke to them, leaning in and looking them straight in the eye. He made each person feel like they had his undivided attention, like they were special. I wanted to kill him.
I was the first to leave. As I said my goodbyes, John again raised his eyebrows at me, and smiled. He smiled easily, and it was a big, broad smile that animated his face and revealed deep dimples and perfect teeth. I did not smile easily.
I have always felt old, even though I look young. Set on escaping my origins, I thought that required focus and a purpose.
I sat in the front row. I raised my hand. I followed the rules.
Hidebound, and wounded so tightly around the idea of striving that I couldn't unwind. Constantly competing, constantly trying to move up and out.
I say all this, but I haven't said the most important things. I'm still hiding. I think I'm a pathological liar.
Who am I?
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
My girlfriend, Ellie, is visiting me this weekend for my friend Todd's wedding party. I am one of the groomsmen that Todd has entrusted.
I met Ellie the first day of NULS orientation, in line for lunch. She was shorter than me, but fit before being fit was a thing, if that makes sense. She had unruly brown hair, big brown eyes, a button nose, a big smile, and dark, ethnic skin. She was a dynamo, dominating every encounter she had.
I am the opposite. Never work out; carrying 10 extra pounds. I have thick blonde hair, which I wear short and parted on the left side since fourth grade. Green eyes, with a noticeable circle of orange around the pupil, and the whites clear as milk. My smile is rare, but apparently it dimples my cheeks when it appears. I've always looked too young. A young Mark-Paul Gosselaar, when I want Max Caulfield.
"Who are you?" she asked me back then, exaggerating the "you."
"I'm Max. Actually, Mason, but people call me Max. I'm not sure why. It seems like it'd be Mace, not Max. But it's Max. Haha..." She made me nervous. I didn't know her.
"Well... Mace," she said, exaggerating the gap between the two words. "I'm Ellie. Short for Elizabeth. Which makes total sense. Because Elizabeth starts with El. Anyway, have lunch with me."
I did, and didn't say a word. There was no room. Ellie never stopped talking. If there was something about her I wanted to know but did not by the end of that lunch, I'd have been hard-pressed to figure out what it was.
Afterwards, I walked Ellie to her room. She asked if I wanted to go in. I did, and we wound up in bed, as Ellie planned. She was lively and loud as I made her come, shifting and writhing under my hands and tongue. She gave me head, deepthroating me and swallowing all I had when I came. When it was time for me to go, she insisted, "Come back tonight." I did. I can't say no with her.
Ellie likes sex. A lot. And she liked me.
We dated the whole year. I basically lived in her room. When we weren't eating, sleeping or studying, we were having sex. She hated condoms, so she got an IUD over Christmas, calling it my Christmas present.
Ellie had also developed her vaginal muscles. She had complete control of them. When I was coming, she clamped them shut and the pleasure was so intense it made me light-headed. The more you know.
As the year flew on, and the Chicago weather turned brutal, we got experimental. Bought books and toys, and used both to pleasure each other and ourselves as much as we could. I thought, for the first time, I couldn't be happier.
By the time I headed to St. Louis, and she headed to New York for the summer, there was almost nothing we had not done to each other. Now I was going to see her again.
I got a downtown hotel room for the weekend of her visit. We checked in, and picked up where we had left off. We fucked through the rehearsal dinner, which as a groomsman was a douche move on my part. Ah well. I'm sure Todd will understand.
We fucked the next day until we had to leave for the wedding. It was mid-June, and hot even for St. Louis. We got chocolate and whipped cream delivered with our breakfast and spent the morning and early afternoon in bed covering each other with both, and then fucking and licking each other clean. By the time we had to check out on Sunday, my balls were empty and hurting, and Ellie was raw. It had been a great weekend. Such was Ellie, and away Ellie went in her airplane.
Ellie said something before leaving, though. Something was concerning her, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.
"When I come back, I want to meet the John you talked about all weekend."
All weekend? I hadn't realized.
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2015.03.05 09:27 Kimberlinho Howard Hamlin was Kelly Kapowski's handsy college professor.

Just realized this guy was on saved by the bell the college years. The only way I would hate him more is if he were that bastard from the Max that cuckolded Zack, and now he's getting between Saul and the sexy blonde lady lawyer. I'm hoping for a Franklin and Bash/Better Call Saul crossover episode where Mark Paul Gosselaar schools this dude in the courtroom, then does the same with the blonde lady lawyer in the bedroom. Then I hope that guy gets stuck dating Jessie Spano. Also, I'm high right now.
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2013.09.26 15:45 yimcha TIL Mark-Paul Gosselaar dated all three his female cast-mates on Saved By The Bell

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2012.12.14 14:39 heyscottmarshall Twelve Days of Netflix #2: 12 Dates of Christmas with Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar

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