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2020.04.20 00:00 DoorGunner42 GW’s shipping policy

Hey all. I’m seriously considering ordering The SoB model. But there is however one problem: the delivery date is stated as being late 2020 (Some point in October according to the wedsite). The problem with that, is that depending on the results of my upcoming Baccalaureate, I’ll either be still living in France, or I’ll have moved to Uni in Scotland.
Obviously, i have a pinch under 14 days to decide, the results are for certain NOT coming in that time, so my question is this:
If i were to order it now, could i change the delivery address afterwards if it turns out that i won’t be at that location come October?
Thank you in advance for your help
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2019.11.06 17:25 jeb7516 I want my new wedsite for my DJ company to offer searching DJs by date and location. Is this possible to do on squarespace? Can I add code if I hire a developer? Also, Can I have the DJs have access to their profile page to update?

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2016.07.06 04:43 em1212 May 7 Wedding Recap Australia with Photos

Got married 2 months ago and finally have time for a wedding recap! Photos here!
We’ve been dating for 7 years, so we had a short (10 month) engagement, basically planning from day 1. That may or may not have been a mistake (things got pretty hectic towards the end) but we’re so, so happy with how everything went!
Full disclosure: we got legally married 2 days before the wedding. This was a personal choice due to a) wanting a mutual best friend of 7 years to officiate (not possible to do a legal marriage this way in Australia) and b) not wanting the words the Australian government mandates you say (that specifically exclude gay people from the institution of marriage) on our wedding day. We had the legal ceremony as close to the wedding day as possible, were completely upfront with all of our wedding guests (put our reasoning on our wedsite) and had many talks with family. While my mother was initially very upset (as you’ll see in my post history) she was 100% on board on the day of the wedding. Many of our guests spoke to us about our choice and stated that they saw our symbolic ceremony as the true moment where we began our lives together as a married couple. I’ve included a few photos from our legal ceremony day as well as we saw it as a special day that could be super intimate and shared between the two of us (our photographer was our witness). We were able to get ready together, dress up fancy and go to a super fancy dinner afterwards. Saying the bare legal minimum felt like an app for the main event, and it was the last night we spent together before going to our parent’s houses for the night before the wedding. I had a huge amount of anxiety in the leadup due to last minute planning tasks and work, and that day was the perfect thing to say “just stop worrying about all of that, you’re getting married in two days! Remember what this is all about!” We understand that this is a polarizing subject on weddit, but trust us when we say that this really worked for both us and our guests.
Highlights and what went well:
• Love love LOVED my dress. We were trying to stick with a smallish budget, and I trolled deep discount designer sites for months. I fell in love with this one and although I worried about my choice not being “bridal” for a time I felt like a million bucks on the day.
• Having our best friend as officiant and writing the ceremony together. He has seen our relationship develop over the years and was able to speak so personally about our journey, even little things we had forgotten. We had many guests tell us it was the most personal, moving and funny ceremony they had ever seen! • I walked in to Smashing Pumpkins “Stand inside your love”. Managed to appear in the doorway riiiiight when the music crests for the big “who wouldn’t stand inside your love”. I was bawling!
• Nobody in our circle had ever done a ring-warming, and it was a big hit. We did it before the ceremony to ensure the rings made it up in time. I’ve looked at photos and people became so emotional when doing it. It was also a way to involve both our families as I walked solo. We had our parents warm the rings last and bring them to us during the ceremony.
• My husband was happy with how we remembered his groomsman who died three months before the wedding. He and his groomsman’s widow took some portraits recreating his groomsman’s getting ready shots. He borrowed a pair of cufflinks, and we left a spot for him at our head table. His widow also made a speech. It was hard, absolutely, but we felt his presence and felt able to honour him and his role in my husband’s life well.
• We didn’t do a first look. We had that “just the two of us” moment on Thursday during our legal ceremony day. We did exchange letters via bridesmaids and groomsmen and that allowed us to feel each other’s presence just before.
• Doing dance lessons together in the month before the wedding. It became enforced date time (we’d go for lunch after) and it’s a really nice way to connect and have fun together (lots of looking into each other’s eyes!) during what can be a bit of a stressful time. We had a lift in the dance and it was so great hearing our guests gasp and clap when we pulled it off!
• We wanted an unplugged ceremony, and planned an announcement, but my mother felt it would be offensive to guests to stop them taking photos. Instead, we had our officiant say at the start that there would be a point in the ceremony where guests would be encouraged to take photos, and we’d stay up there and pose for a minute, so would they kindly hold photos until then? It worked a treat – we had very few guests take photos during the ceremony, and our aunts and uncles were happy to be able to be able to take some photos after our first kiss.
• We snuck in little nerdy references here and there. We had our friend ask guests if they would support and encourage us to live out our vows to say “So say we all” (Battlestar Galactica reference!) He also recited the Mawiage speech as a reading. We played the social link rank-up sound from the Persona 4 soundtrack when we kissed :) Our tables were named after couples from pop-culture that we love and who inspire us, and had an artist draw cute pictures of them. Instead of a bouquet, we both threw Mario powerups (it got brutal). Our card box was a Mario block.
• Having a table of board games was a big hit! Our crowd weren’t huge dancers so having an alternative was really appreciated. We also gave a selfie stick to each table which guests had a lot of fun with.
• Seeing all our DIY come together so beautifully, especially when I saw all the glitter jars lit up with candles (and saw our guests leaving with armfuls of potted herbs at the end of the night) was such a wonderful feeling.
• Got to feed some goats when we took portraits!
Lowlights and what went wrong:
• My anxiety spiked in the weeks leading up to the wedding (juggling a PhD, placement and wedding planning) and some old issues I thought I had dealt with around social anxiety came raging back. I was treated like crap in the ED after having my first ever panic attack (“All brides get anxious, this is nothing to worry about. You just need to calm down” – thanks Doc that never occurred to me?!)
• We had some vendors flake in the month before the wedding (artist, speaker hire and makeup artist – turns out she was just on holiday but didn’t have an automatic reply function on her email account, so that was a stressful two weeks!). Our friend’s sister saved our asses when our original artist stopped replying to emails. We found a new speaker hire place last minute.
• We had our speakers delivered but were meant to return them the day after. We forgot to account for that in the number of cars we had to transport décor. We were meant to leave on honeymoon later that day. We got it sorted but that was a stressful start to the day!
• My hens: I got “-that- Bridesmaids scene” sick during. I missed most of the activities. I was very sad. My friends looked after me but I can’t help but feel I missed out on a once in a lifetime experience.
• The honeymoon: I was sick from day 1. My digestive system continued to destroy me. Anything I ate seemed to run right through. Lucky Japan has public toilets everywhere…
• In regards to the day itself, very little went wrong! My husband stepped on my veil when he decided to carry me out of the church, but that was more fun than disastrous! My kiss proof lipstick was emphatically NOT (we had practiced before, guess it just didn’t hold up to wedding day passion!). Our dance floor was pretty quiet, but we had a feeling our crowd weren’t big dancers and that’s why we didn’t funnel a lot of money into a DJ. It packed for “Backstreet’s back” though. These things weren’t big deals.
Rough Budget Breakdown
Budget: ~$15,000 for 70 guests
Photographer: $2,600
Catering/Venue: $9,500 (we saved a few thousand here by buying our wedding reception on Groupon. Who knew you could do that?! For some people that may feel a bit risky but it worked out great for us in the end – fantastic food and beautiful vineyard wedding with the most amazing onsite chapel)
Flowers: ~$600 (enough silk flowers for my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 10 arrangements for the chapel, and flowers for scattered bud vases along the tables)
Décor: ~$500 (We did a LOT of DIY – spray painted wine and cider bottles to hold flowers, sewed my own table runners from metallic fabric, spray painted cans copper and gold and planted herbs in them for favours, and collected A LOT of glass jars to coat with glitter for candle holders).
Speaker Rental: $300
Dress & Accessories: $600 (that includes $100 alterations – my dress was a STEAL, my veil was DHGate, and my crown from a trend jewellery store, my jacket from a closing down bridal store, my shoes were ASOS)
Hair and Makeup - $200
Groom’s Suit & Accessories - $600
Dance Lessons - $200
Invitations - $300 (including save the dates and postage)
Drawings - ~$200
The day was fantastic and more emotional than I could have ever dreamed, but I’m not going to lie - there was A LOT of stress beforehand! I’m glad all the planning is over, but I do get pretty wistful and sad now that the day is all done! This sub is a great resource and I hope you continue to support each other, share ideas and celebrate these amazing celebrations of love!
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2015.09.19 05:02 ellequoi My folding screen-style invitations & magnet StD! (w/pics)
These invitations were printed through Vistaprint based off my own design in Photoshop using commercial vectors from a free image site trial. The paper used was their recycled stock. I bought several paper punches and a scoring board and used those to create the folds and shape.
We went for a more Chinese look on the front for me and a Dutch look on the back for my fiancé. It may be a little on the nose. The map and QR code have been edited significantly (much as I am super proud of my wedsite), but hopefully you can see how it all fits together. I removed street names from the map and zoomed in a lot. That map took three different versions and five different layers to piece together!
There was an upset with my parents over FH's parents not being listed, so I changed it to add them. However, we had to place the order right before moving to use a Groupon, and I put in an incorrect version while under stress. Which put me back to square 1 with my parents. I argued to not put in another order, whether they were paying or not, and they have finally listened.
The save the date magnet was also printed through Vistaprint. I had a CAD 70 Groupon that I bought for $29, then spent around another $20 for shipping and any leftover charges (100 invites+75 magnets). The paper craft supplies were around $60, though I should be able to use those for other little projects. Envelopes are just plain ones, but I bought a gold Sharpie and gold washi tape to make it a little fancier.
The save the date magnet is supposed to be a timeline, with the EKG acting as the line in question (since my FH works in the medical field). The lanterns held pictures of us the night we first met followed by one of our engagement pictures.
I put together a custom dynamic QR code (since I didn't know where the wedding site would be yet) through Http:// You can get a free account with them that allows you one custom dynamic QR code.
Designing stationery has been my favourite part of wedding planning so far, so I'm excited to share.
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2015.02.26 20:13 k8ee Almost 6 months, how am I doing?

Our wedding is in 6 months, so far I've accomplished...
-Booked venue -Ordered dress -Purchased shoes and jewelry -Booked photographer -Booked caterer -Purchased bridesmaids gifts -Sent Save the Dates -Booked hotel block -Set up a Wedsite -Purchased/collected some wedding decor -Started a registry -Booked officiant (the best man)
Our bridal party was given attire guidelines, but we have no specific dresses or tuxes/suits to rent/purchase.
We also plan on being a DJ free wedding. We want to rent sound equipment and craft Spotify playlists.
My fiancé is a graphic designer so he's working on the invites (any tips about invites would be appreciated!)
What do you think I should be doing next? When I talk to vendors they always sound surprised that I'm booking things "early" but my family sometimes stresses me out and makes me feel like I'm falling behind on planning.
Anyone else about half way there? What do you have done? What are you doing next?
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2011.04.18 17:07 stop_touching_my_ass Woman gets raped on a date

No woman deserves to be raped but, REALLY! So this woman asks to be set up on a blind date through a internet based dating wedsite. A computer selects her possible matches, then she reviews this guy and agrees to go on a date with him. So she is on a date with someone that she nor anyone else she knows, knows. Doesn't a date like this scream seperate cars and public places.
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